Puzzles & Conquest: 2024 Guide

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Puzzles & Conquest is a city-builder game offer that has quickly grown in popularity among GPT users for its high payouts and easy gameplay. Here we will guide you through the entire offer process, including the highest paying sites, game guides, and we will also include a table that will help you plan out your upgrades, something no other guide has done yet.

Highest Paying Sites

(7 Day Hold)
Reach Castle Level 6$2.67
Reach Castle Level 11$3.14
Reach Castle Level 16$26.76
Reach Castle Level 23$42.82
Reach Castle Level 31$314.86
Purchase Regal Token$21.31
Purchase 1st Top-up Sale Package$5.35
(7 Day Hold)
Reach Castle Level 6$2.50
Reach Castle Level 11$3.00
Reach Castle Level 16$25.00
Reach Castle Level 23$40.00
Reach Castle Level 31$300.00
Purchase Regal Token$20.00
Purchase 1st Top-up Sale Package$5.00
(via Bitwall)
(No Hold)


(30 Day Hold)
Reach Castle Level 6$1.92
Reach Castle Level 11$6.40
Reach Castle Level 16$16.00
Reach Castle Level 23$51.20
Reach Castle Level 31$136.00
Purchase Regal Token$16.00
Purchase 1st Top-up Sale Package$8.00
As seen here, myPoints and Swagbucks are the two highest-paying sites for Puzzles & Conquest. If you choose to complete it again, FrenzyFunds would be the next best option as you can complete it with no hold. RewardXP is not a terrible option either if you don’t mind waiting 30 days for your rewards.

It’s also important to figure out which level goal to aim for—getting to level 16 is significantly easier than 23 and should only take about 4-6 days of daily playing. Level 23 may take a few weeks and several purchases, while 31 is essentially out of reach in the given time frame because of the necessary upgrades’ massive resource requirements.

Game Guide

Like most city games, a crucial part of completing the offer on time is by using a Second Builder. In Puzzles & Conquest, spending money on a second builder is unnecessary; once your 24hr trial runs out, you can spend gems on renting another builder. We suggest buying the 7 Day builder. Additionally, it’s possible to get a few 1-day passes for the 2nd builder, which will accumulate in your bag. By the time your free trial runs out, it’s likely that you have a few more days’ worth of a second builder.

Recommended Purchases:

  • Regal Token [$9.99] (REIMBURSABLE + Profit)
  • Top-Up Token [$4.99] (REIMBURSABLE)
  • 3* Builder Gear [$4.99]: This is optional but will make your experience much nicer. Depending on your profit from the Regal token, this may not cut into your rewards. This will significantly reduce the amount of resources needed for each upgrade.

In order to get extra speedups and gems, we suggest you complete as many daily quests as possible in order to work your way thru the Regal Token, which will provide you with gems & speedups (as well as resources, if not playing with the 3* Builder Gear). Oftentimes, these quests give additional speedups on their own, so you’re able to double dip.

Staying on top of your upgrades and limiting how long your builders are idle is important, so we provided an upgrade chart for your convenience to help you plan ahead:

Castle Upgrade Path
Requirement 1Requirement 2Requirement 3Dependent requirements
3Wall 2n/an/an/a
4Wall 3Alliance Hall 1n/an/a
5Wall 4Farm 4Recruiting Center 4Warehouse 4
6Wall 5Warehouse 5Infantry Barracks 5Recruitment Center 5
7Wall 6Cav Barracks 6n/aWarehouse 6
8Ranged Barracks 7Institute 7n/aInfirmary 7
9Wall 8Blacksmith 8n/an/a
10Wall 9Warehouse 9n/an/a
11Wall 10Infirmary 10n/an/a
12Wall 11Siege Factory 11n/an/a
13Wall 12Watch Tower 12n/aFarm 12
14Wall 13Ranged Barracks 13n/aInfirmary 13
15Wall 14Market 14n/aAlliance Hall 14
16Wall 15Gold Mine 15n/an/a (?)
17Wall 16Blacksmith 16n/an/a (?)
Of course, also timing long upgrades (like castle or wall upgrades) for any off-time such as when you need to go to school/work or sleep helps. Basically, just use common sense and maximize the amount of time your builders are in use.

Do note that once you reach some of the higher castle levels (i.e. double digits), upgrades take days and timing them matters less. Consequently, the frequency of which you need to play is also decreased.


Puzzles & Conquest is a relatively easy offer with a reasonable payout and we believe it’s worth giving a shot. If any readers have further questions, please feel free to ask away in our comments section and we can try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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