QuickThoughts: Is it worth your time?

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What is QuickThoughts?

QuickThoughts is a survey app, and it works on both iOS and Android. This app is known to have high paying surveys compared to other routers and instant payment.

QuickThoughts Home Page

Points Breakdown

QuickThought’s point system is very simple, as they convert everything to USD for you. Every $1 you earn is a dollar you can redeem!


Minimum Cashout: $10

Ways to Cashout: Amazon, iTunes

Minimum Age: 18

Summary: Is it worth it?

I personally think that QuickThoughts is one of the best mobile survey apps if you are going for gift cards and not cash. One thing to note though is that QuickThoughts is known to ban accounts. If this happens, you are pretty much screwed, although some have had luck complaining to the BBB.

If you get over the fact that you could get banned, I think QuickThoughts is most definitely worth your time, and you should give it a shot. On the r/beermoney subreddit I see lot’s of people making $150+ a month from QuickThoughts alone.

Give it a shot!

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