Neevo: An Honest Review

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Neevo, or Neevo/DefinedCrowd, as some people call it, is a crowdsourcing platform where you can work as a transcriber or work some other jobs on the side. Jobs are not very readily available, but they can be lucrative if you can find one to do. These usually are sets of tasks.

How can I join?

You can join on the Neevo.DefinedCrowd website with the button that says Join. You have to be at least 18 years old to join, but they support a wide variety of people and demographics. You will have to link a payment method, which at the time of writing, is PayPal only. It is strongly preferred that you have a verified PayPal.

Work in Neevo

After joining, you will automatically be asked some questions in the form of a screener. These will determine your eligibility for a lot of their tests, and is the opportunity for you to let them know where you shine. If you are good at transcribing Spanish to English, and vice versa, this screener will let them know that and match you up with tests that are of the liking.

A lot of the time you won’t have work available, and that could be because of the lack of jobs that match your skillset. The more amount of languages you know and are fluent in, the higher amount of jobs you will get, although there are definitely going to be bias leaning towards some of the languages, as companies may require more of a certain task to be completed, rather than some other one. All work that comes in is based on what companies that pay Neevo need, so that’s all you get. Job availability will depend on region.

No jobs available.

In the event that you do get a job, try not to skip it. These can pay an upwards of $15 an hour, as reported by some Reddit users. Notifications for jobs which are available also arrive by email, although you’ll have to be very quick to catch them, as they can go out in minutes.

Payments are sent out in batches, meaning they’re sent out to everyone who completes the task after the task batch is fulfilled and done. They can take up to 14 days, as noted by their FAQ, although it can be less if you are towards the end of the task.

Final Verdict

I am a user of Neevo myself, and have completed some tasks. They are easy as long as you have the patience and honestly answer the screener and accurately and tune to your skill set. The main negative, bad point is the amount of tasks, which is low and scarce. I, however, recommend it, as it can be a treat when you get a task.

6 thoughts on “Neevo: An Honest Review”

  1. Neevo is an interesting site for small tasks.if you do a job with a lot of tasks you will not be paying fully for sure
    I have had experience for over 1 years I have always been paying and these days I did 6455 task only 1/8 was Paying the rest would not pass quality control which did not prevent them from letting it be up to 6455 to say that.
    If I make mistakes why let him do it as they already explain knowing the answers in advance, yet 1 week before I did a 2500 task on a similar job and was Pay in full, Neevo is not honest about large tasks to avoid overpaying it’s easy to say once I have done 6455 tasks for more than 7 hours that I do not pass their control without any Other explanation or real proof just one sentence generated by computer, and talking with them that they admitted their mistakes to make it a payment of $ 3 out of 150 that I had to get

    • I’m glad you have experience with Neevo, and am sorry you’ve experienced this sort of stuff. I have had some hit and miss stuff, although it sucks that you were out of $147. Sorry to hear 😕.

  2. I can see they pay if you do just random tasks sometimes, if you decide to work a lot on a task, the task closes as you don’t reach their quality levels even if the tasks were ok the day before

  3. I just started working on neevo/defined crowd. I completed my two first tasks today and they are under review. I am curious as a South African on what the outcome will be. I hope I get paid.

    • Ah, awesome to hear, Londeka. I’m also curious about how it works in other countries marketing companies don’t see as the “major” ones.


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