Salad: Is it worth it?

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What is Salad?

Salad is a crypto-miner, it uses your GPU’s full power to verify transactions on the blockchain. Salad automatically converts the crypto that you mine into USD for you to redeem for different items (they call them “Chops”).

Points Breakdown

Salad’s point system is very simple in the sense that everything is in USD. They make it very easy to know how much you have earned, and how much you have to earn before you can cash out.


Minimum Cashout: $1.25 for Giftcards, $0.25 for Steam Keys

Cashout Options: Salad has TONS of different cashout options. Here some of the big ones:

  • Discord Nitro (Classic and Regular)
  • Steam Keys
  • Visa GCs
  • Amazon GCs
  • Ebay GCs

There are a lot more options, I suggest you take a look at them.

Minimum Age: 13

How to Earn $$ on Salad

There are two sides of Salad: the crypto-mining side and the offerwall side. The crypto-mining side will only work well if you have a good GPU and free/cheap power. Otherwise, the crypto-mining won’t be worth it. They have a list of all the GPUs they support and how much you are going to earn. Use my code (U3E7CV) to get 2x earning for your first $4!

A lot of people think that crypto-mining damages your GPU, but that myth has been busted. It doesn’t harm your GPU as long as you have sufficient cooling and you keep everything clean. Check out Salad’s post here.

If you don’t want to crypto-mine, Salad also has offerwalls where you can complete surveys and offers to increase your Salad balance.

Summary: Is it worth it?

If you have cheap power and a decent GPU, Salad can be a great way to earn an extra passive income! You sure won’t get rich, but you can earn some extra money each month. Even if you don’t have a good GPU you can earn by completing offers on the offerwalls.

If you haven’t tried Salad yet, I honestly think you should give it a shot.

Use my code (U3E7CV) to get 2x earning for your first $4!

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