Should you use Crowdtap?

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Crowdtap is a survey site that partners directly with companies to obtain the opinions of people like you. It is not a GPT site like Swagbucks or PrizeRebel, nor is it the same as a survey router on those sites. The questions and surveys (called “actions”) you get on Crowdtap will, in general, pay better and be more interesting than those on a typical survey router.


Crowdtap has an atypical points system: 1000 points corresponds to $5. All rewards are in increments of $5 (e.g. $10, $15, $20, etc.) with a few exceptions, so the point system does make sense.


Minimum cash out: $5

Ways to Cash Out: Crowdtap offers a plethora of gift cards, including Amazon, Target, Hulu, Google Play, and eBay. Charitable donations to the National Park Foundation and the World Food Program, among others, are also possible. Crowdtap takes 48 hours to deliver cashouts.

Minimum Age: 13

Verification: Crowdtap maintains a strict verification system before you can redeem. According to their help article they will validate your information, including name, date of birth, and address, against public records. (Typically, if you are rejected, opening a support ticket can get you verified.)

Ways to Earn


CrowdTap categorizes actions with different colors and icons.

The questions Crowdtap source themselves are known as “actions”. There are a variety of different types, including multiple-choice, free text, and even product samples. Actions pay quite well, usually at a rate of 3 points ($0.015) per multiple-choice question and 20 points ($0.10) per free-text question. However, some surveys tend to pay very little (somewhere in the ballpark of 5 points for 5 or 6 multiple choice questions). For these types of situations, a “Skip” button is available that will dismiss the question from your feed.

On a typical weekday, one can expect a plentitude of actions, but on weekends, actions are very scarce.

You are never disqualified from actions!

3rd Party Surveys

You will be asked to enable 3rd party surveys once you run out of actions.

When you run out of actions, you will be prompted to enable “3rd Party Surveys”. These are surveys through a survey router (, at the time of writing) that will pay in Crowdtap points. They are essentially the same as a survey on a typical GPT site like Swagbucks.


When Crowdtap was in its early days several years ago, support was quite fast and responsive. However, as they grow, support is beginning to take days, not hours, to reply. That being said, their responses are still helpful, not canned responses.

The surveys that pay very little for your time can be annoying, but at least one can skip them. 😉

The Verdict

As someone with antipathy to typical surveys, I find Crowdtap surveys to be a lot more palatable than those from typical survey routers. The lack of disqualifications (DQs), high pay, and unique topics make it a survey site that I actually enjoy using.

Overall, I highly recommend using Crowdtap as a supplement to all the other sites and apps you may be using. It is an easy $10-20 extra every month.

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  1. It’s been a long time since I have used Crowdtap, but when I was using it I was making a ton of money per month. Typical surveys are way too long for me to deal with and Crowdtap gives a great opportunity to get money without the big time investment in my opinion. Excellent article Alex!


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